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6 Coffee Hacks That Work Wonders for Your Cup

The best coffee experience is made up of more than just good coffee. Sometimes you need a few brilliant ideas, a dose of creativity, and some sense of adventure to add a little magic to your coffee break. Most of the time, little things make all the difference, and if you’re a curious coffee lover who wouldn’t mind taking your coffee enjoyment to the next level, you’ll find a few hacks worth trying.

We’ve got just that, so if you think your cup of coffee couldn’t get any better, read up—we just might have the right tricks up our sleeves that would make you think again.

  1. Use coffee cubes instead of ice

This goes out to those who like their coffee cold. A much better version of iced coffee doesn’t actually have ice. When ice starts to melt in your cup, what you’ll have is watered down coffee, which ruins the flavor. So always make sure you have coffee cubes ready (just pour coffee into your ice cube tray and freeze) for when you’re in the mood for an icy drink.

  1. Milk cubes work, too

Like your iced coffee a little creamier? Make sure you throw in a few batches of milk cube trays in the freezer, too. You can use regular milk, or even almond or soy, for non-dairy options.

  1. Use cinnamon as sweetener

If you’re cutting back on sugar but don’t like how your coffee tastes without it, you can use cinnamon as a healthier substitute. Cinnamon actually has a lot of health benefits and may actually give your coffee better flavor than sugar does, so forget about the fattening sugar and stock up on cinnamon instead.

  1. Cut through coffee’s bitter flavor with salt

Coffee too bitter? No problem, just put a dash of salt to your cup to reduce the bitterness and make your cup a little bit smoother without having to add sweeteners.

  1. Drink your coffee later in the day to get the best amount of energy boost that you need

The best time to drink your coffee is a few hours after you wake up--not as soon as you gain enough consciousness to reach for the pot. It may feel otherwise, but your body is naturally full of energy after a good night’s sleep, thanks to your cortisol levels which are set to be at the highest during this time. Adding caffeine to that will just make you too hyper. Plus, your energy will be too high that the sudden drop a few hours later will make you feel tired and sluggish throughout the rest of the day.

  1. Water is key to a perfect cup of coffee

Apart from the actual coffee, water is the most important element that goes into your cup. The kind of water that you use makes or breaks its quality and taste, and using the wrong one could mess up its flavor altogether. You need the right amount of minerals in your water to make the best cup, so basically distilled water is out of the question because it has no minerals at all. Hard or unsoftened water or mineral water, on the other hand, are your best bet.

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