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Dark Roast Coffee - Gourmet Coffee by Bones Coffee Company | 12oz


Bones Coffee Company's Dark Roast provides a rich, full-bodied yet smooth taste that'll keep you coming back for more. 

All coffee is roasted to order and is guaranteed to be FRESH! 

Orders typically ship within 1-2 days.

Customer Reviews

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I LOVE this COFFEE... the smell and is wonderful..

I love your coffee... I have tried a lot of them and love them all... BUT~~oh my word, This dark roast is astounding. I buy all "whole bean".. I'm selfish... 1st~ grinding my beans emits such an aroma that I've had my first cup just grinding this bean.. 2nd~ cannot tell you, The aroma as it brews.. yes yes~I have had my 2nd cup with just the aroma, ~~~and Last but most assuredly ~not least~but the BEST OF ALL~~ a cup of this dark roast. oh my... YES I LOVE IT.. I have several flavors yet to try ...that I have.. but oh my goodness.. It's my perfect start , carry me thru, and end to a day... I wish you could make the flavored coffee with this dark roast bean... I would die a happy woman...snicker snicker.. and Emily is an angel .. if you have any questions .. SHE GUIDES YOU, HELPS YOU, AND MAKES YOU A "HAPPY CAMPER" ... Thank you and I'm one happy ol' camper.....

Nice and smooth

I don't usually purchase off of Facebook, but am a sucker for trying new coffees. This dark roast is nice and smooth..could be a bit stronger for me, but still a very pleasant surprise. A little pricey, which gives it the slightly lower rating, but I still will be purchasing it as a special treat for my husband and myself.


This is now the only coffee we drink. Love it. also I want one of those gold cups please!! :) Thank you for a great product.


I have fallen in love with the GROG... But most of all, the pleasure of this company and their caring about we the consumer!! I make 2 pots a day. My next package will be the AGED ONE.. ** tee hee me*** I'm a Navy brat and I love it HOT AND STRONG and BLACK.. and their flavors are great. Their service is OUT OF THIS WORLD.. They are stuck with me!!! Thank you BONES!!!! Thank you Emily


Love this coffee! There is a flavor for everyone!
Super cool mugs too.
Love it

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