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Paradise Pie - Key Lime Pie Coffee by Bones Coffee Company | 16oz.


Paradise Pie is a one way ticket to your own, well....Paradise! Our 100% Arabica beans infused with sweet, tangy, creamy Key Lime Pie flavor with a graham cracker finish. Transport yourself to your own personal, clothing-optional paradise! 

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Best coffee ☕️

The best coffee I have ever had! So many great flavors. Our favorites are paradise pie, coconut rum, and s’mores.

Like a slice of heaven!!

Love how this coffee tastes. Like having your own personal Key Lime Pie in a coffee cup.

This is DIVINE!

OK, so most "flavored" coffees really just *smell* like whatever they are supposed to smell like, but Bones Coffee actually has the *flavor*, so much so that I actually emailed them to make sure there were no carbs or sugar in the flavors (there isn't by the way). Paradise Pie is absolutely awesome. I tired it straight out of the percolator the first time, then the second time added some sugar free vanilla creamer... and then? Paradise Pie coffee, percolated STRONG, SF vanilla creamer, and... wait for it... blended with ICE. Mind and taste buds blown. So happy to "cheat" on my diet with this version of key lime pie.

My favorite so far!

a couple months ago I ordered a sampler pack and this flavor was included as a free sample, and it hands down ended up being my favorite flavor! I was skeptical, I didn't think that lime and coffee would go good together but I was totally wrong! Key Lime Pie is one of my favorite pies, and Bones totally did it justice! It was just the right amount of tartness and creaminess and there was even a faint graham cracker taste, very well done! I'm sticking with the sampler packs for now, but I will definitely order a full bag of this some day, I love it!

Great coffee

Keep up the great favors and keep them coming

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