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Bananas Foster Coffee - Banana Coffee by Bones Coffee Company | 16oz.

You've never had a coffee quite like this before! Our Bananas Foster coffee is a spin on the delicious dessert created in New Orleans. Flambéed bananas topped with a butter, brown sugar, cinnamon & dark rum sauce topped with vanilla ice-cream. We've combined all of these amazing flavors with our 100% Arabica coffee, roasted to a perfect medium. The result is an unforgettably savory slice of The Big Easy.

Customer Reviews

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Wanted to like this, but Not a Fan

This flavor I was most excited to try, and didnt like it at all. Rum and Banana over-powering for my taste. Much prefer Highland Grog, Chocolate Hazelnut, and the Coconut Vanilla Caramel flavors.

This is the second roast with fruit flavors in it that I tried that I didnt like, so I think I will avoid anything with strawberry, banana, oranges etc in it.


Bananas Foster is probably my favorite ice cream dessert ever. I was curious about this coffee and I was NOT disappointed. The smell is out of this world and the taste even more so. I love Bones Coffee. I've only had Bananas Foster and Smorey Time, but I can only bet all other flavors are just as good! Thanks for making my mornings a little sweeter, Bones Coffee!

My 2nd favorite!

It’s a tie between this and Highland Grog. Bananas Foster is perfectly flavored, it’s noticeably there without punching you in the face. It’s wonderful :-)

SO good!

I was a little skeptical about bananas foster coffee, highly flavored coffee in general actually. I'm usually an iced coffee type of person. The first time I tried this was hot without cream or sugar and it was delicious. I made iced coffee with it and wasn't a huge fan. I added in some caramel coffee creamer and OMG delicious. I could still very much taste the flavor of the coffee. I don't think I can turn back now.

I’m bananas for this coffee

I’m getting used to bones Coffee knocking it out of the park. This flavor is no different, they really know coffee. Their coffees are so good I won’t drink anyone else’s.

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