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Decaf Maple Bacon Coffee - Bacon Flavored Coffee by Bones Coffee | 12oz


What's your favorite way to start the day? Savory maple bacon? Check. Fresh, delicious coffee? Check. But what if you could have them at the same time just by brewing some coffee? To make that possible, we combined one of the greatest flavors of all time with our popular medium-roast coffee. The result is a slightly sweet and extremely smooth flavor that will transport you to your happy place.

This is a decaf coffee. If you're looking for the caffeinated version, click here!

All coffee is roasted to order and is guaranteed to be FRESH! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ordering again!

Some of the best coffee I've ever had! Love that the flavored coffees also come in decaf as I like to make half-caff coffee. I just grind them together and it's perfect. And thanks for the free mug!!

Yay for Decaf!

Thank you SO MUCH for making these amazing flavors in decaf! I had to give up caffeine because of my anxiety disorder, and I’ve missed these flavors.

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