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Bananas Foster by Bones Coffee Company - 16oz.

You've never had a coffee quite like this before! Our Bananas Foster coffee is a spin on the delicious dessert created in New Orleans. Flambéed bananas topped with a butter, brown sugar, cinnamon & dark rum sauce topped with vanilla ice-cream. We've combined all of these amazing flavors with our 100% Arabica coffee, roasted to a perfect medium. The result is an unforgettably savory slice of The Big Easy.

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Good in theory and great in reality

Honestly, I had a few people look at me like I was an idiot when I said I bought banana flavored coffee. Then I made them try it and they shut up because they realized how good it was. Out of my first order of 3 flavors this was my second favorite (strawberry cheesecake still wins). I highly recommend this one and its now on my re buy list for when I run out which may be a bit as I ordered about 4 pounds of other flavors right after the first because of how good this coffee has been. So far I've only had one flavor that was so so and i didn't hate it, it just wasn't as good as this one and the strawberry cheesecake.


I love this one to death. Tried it with a best friend poured hot over a cup of ice and topped with a 6th milk and some sugar. Blew my mind. The beans smell really weird, but it brews so well and balanced out the mixture. The banana is perfect. Currently making a batch of cold brew with it and I haven’t been this excited for a while.

Bananas Foster

This flavor is bananas ;) very good.


Love it to death. It so good and love the flavor of it. First timer to bone coffee this is one you should try first it will win your heart over as it did my.

That's great Amanda! Just what we like to hear!

I wanted to try this coffee because honestly I like the art on the bag. However I could not even finish the coffee because the banana flavor was too strong. I normally like banana flavored things, but it was too much. I even tried blending it with other non flavor coffee. Even at 1/4 banana foster to 3/4 reg. I could not calm the flavor down enough. Guess it was just not for me. I did really enjoyed the coconut rum coffee.

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