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Choose Your Flavors 5 Bag Sample Pack (Ground)

Choose Your Flavors 5 Bag Sample Pack (Ground)


Not sure what flavor to try? Looking for the perfect gift? No problem! Now you can choose up to 5 of our deliciously unique flavors to sample! Simply select a flavor on each of the drop-down menus above and add the pack your cart


Each 4oz. sample bag will brew up to two pots of coffee.

*This sample pack consists of ground coffee only, if you prefer whole bean, please click here*

Customer Reviews

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So much flavor from a cold brewer!

I got the sample pack, and while all the flavors so far have been delicious, I have to focus on the fruity cereal flavor. I made it in a cold-brew carafe, poured over cream and sweetener. Drinking this liquid breakfast was like an electric trip back to my childhood, scarfing down some rainbow colored loops. I HIGHLY recommend this flavor, at least when cold brewed with cream!

Fantastic coffee

Ordered a sampler combo. Have only tried so far 2 of the flavors, French Toast and Kailua and they are wonderful. Also, the samplers are generous sizes...enough for 2 full, 12 cup pots of coffee. Will definitely be ordering again.

Pure magic

Imagine my pleasant surprise when my box of coffee arrived before I expected. To further my delight, I was slapped in the face by the delicious aroma as soon as I ripped the box open!! The coffees Taste like pure magic and I am certain that they were created by sweet baby angel unicorns.

I haven’t tried all the sampler flavors yet, but...

what I have tried I love. Thank you for making amazing (and fun) flavors. In love with my Shark Bite T-shirt as well. Now, bring back the mug!! :)

Great coffee and greater taste

Delicious coffee with a great before and after taste. Also has a smell that leaves you wanting another sip

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